Liikluslinn (Traffic City)


Visit Traffic City and learn how to drive safely. It is one of a kind indoor traffic campus with working traffic lights and big bright city lights. Traffic City is like a real city. All the streets, crossroads, crosswalks, traffic signs, trees, grass and even the traffic lights are genuine. You can learn and follow the traffic rules right on the spot. You can also find a café, open-air cinema, discotheque, gym and many other places in the center, everything that a modern city has to offer.

Adults can ride with big and children with small battery powered cars in Traffic City. Around 25 big and small battery powered bumper cars are driving around the city. There is also a gas station in the 1,200 square meters Traffic City, with the city views of the magnificent New York, where you can pretend to fuel the car.

There is also a formula track and a training ground for biking in Traffic City, where in the future it is possible to organize driving tests for bikers. We look forward to having both small and big citizens in Traffic City, where you can safely learn how to drive and have fun with the whole family. 

Welcome to the smallest indoor city in the world!
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